Monday, June 28, 2010

14 More Days!!

Only 14 more days - 2 weeks - left until I finally leave this place to head back to the USA!!  It cannot come soon enough!  I cannot wait to be home and with my family again.  It has been a year now since I left home.  By the time I am home it will have been about 13 months that I was away from home.  Way too long to be away from home!  Last year this past weekend we had a farewell ceremony at our reserve station in Tacoma, and then caught a plane to Ft. Dix (not a favorite place, nor is most of NJ).

It is really only by God's grace that my family and I have been able to get through this.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spin Buldak

I went down to FOB Spin Buldak for just over a week recently, I got back here to KAF yesterday.  Below is a link to some photos I got of the convoy I went on going down and of around the FOB and the area our people work at over there.  Spin B, that's what we call it, is only a couple miles from the Pakistan border.  It is about a 2 hr drive from KAF south east to get there on highway 4.  Our people work in a holding yard a couple miles outside the FOB that the jingle trucks have to go to after coming across the Pakistan border.  The FOB is quiet and pretty peaceful.  It's really dark at night there, so I was able to really see the stars.  The darkness can be so thick outside sometimes that you can feel it in front of you and around you it seems.  I got to see some different things and meet some of the locals and the Afghan Boarder Patrol people there that we work with.  I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures.

Spin Buldak