Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapel Band

I kept forgetting to email myself (from my Army work computer) a couple photos of the chapel band from Good Friday and Easter that Chen had took and emailed me.  Here are those photos, finally...  The first one is of us after doing the Good Friday service.  The second one is of us after the Easter service.  The Easter service was Chen's last Sunday leading the band before he left.  After that Sunday, I took over leading the band, or 'took the reigns' as they say...

Steven, our drummer, his last week was this last week.  Bittersweet to see him go.  He got here after me and is leaving before me... I kept giving him a hard time about that!  It's good he is heading back home.  He left to head back to Washington yesterday, and I believe they got out without a problem.  He worked for the IMPs - International Military Police.  He is an MP in the Air Force.  They planned a going home BBQ and party this last Wednesday night and asked the contemporary chapel band to play a live show!  We have been usually hanging out at the British Cafe' and jamming over some of our favorite old songs, classics and such.  We just transferred that over with a little more practice and put it live with a full band!  Thanks to some of the MWR gear and sound system.  This is a picture of us just before we hit the stage and played through a bunch of songs.  The party was on top of the roof of the MP building, and it was windy!  It was totally fun too.  I hope to get some more photos of this to put on here sometime as there were some people in the crowd taking pictures.  If I do, you will see an update to this probably!  Interesting note as well, Steven does play drums in a band back home in Tacoma.  

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Photos

Today I went on a quest for some new photos to add to my collection.  I got a few good shots.  More, really, just of interesting things over here.  Some aren't from today, like the tracked vehicle shot was a week or so ago and the pictures of Steven and I on the roof of his office - the MP building - and the shots from his roof are from a couple days ago.

It was really hot today...upper 90s at least, maybe over 100!

First I will start with some bazaar photos.  Not that they are 'odd' per se, but they are of the actual bazaar here.  I went today to get a couple items, and with the goal to get some more shots of some people there and what it looks like for you back home to get a glimpse of this place.

This local allowed me to take a picture of him at his shop. There is a boy hiding behind him.

This is a shop I bought something from. Nice local. Him & his wife & family make a lot of the clothing hanging there by hand, from what he said.

This picture above, and the one below are of the DVD shop where I've got some of my movies from. This is one of many DVD shops here. There are probably a dozen.
This is that DVD shop again, but here is a vendor on the outside of it who sells souvenirs of sort. He always has a bunch of Zippo lighters that you can see laid out there on the table to the right. 

Here is a stand that sells the Pasmika shawls - there are many of these stands. 

This is looking down one isle of many at the bazaar.

Interesting marble and wood carved objects for sale.

Here is one of the 'designer' purses stands.

Another view of an isle of vendors at the bazaar.

Here are some other photos from around here:

Steven and I on the roof of his office- the MP building. He is the drummer in the chapel band. He's from back home in Tacoma.

Shade break house on top of the building.

View from the top of the roof towards the road.

Another view from the roof towards the British area.

Fighter jet flying overhead from the roof.

The fighter jets about to cross paths. See the dots?

C-17 from McChord Air Force Base back home, on the flightline

Bell tower, or chant tower, connected to a church-like building in an Air Force compound.

I thought this was funny- The Rocket Club bunker! 
You can see a new control tower in the background. I remember when it was just starting to be built with the foundation and some sides. There is a story on that at the ISAF Regional Command South Facebook page:!/pages/Kandahar-Airfield-Afghanistan/ISAF-Regional-Command-South/171441696587?ref=mf

The Kandahar Fire Department.

View from in front of the fire department towards the flight line.

Another view of the TLS (taliban last stand) building.

Since it was so hot, ice cream sounded good. While I was waiting for it I saw this guy in the middle of the boardwalk courtyard practicing twirling these things like fire throwing. This is the picture of him from where I was standing in the shade waiting for the ice cream. Below are a couple pictures of him when I came up to him and asked to take a picture of him practicing. If those were really on fire, and it was night, they would look pretty cool.

This is the inside of Tim Horton's.

View from standing on the boardwalk outside Tim Horton's down the road.

This is a tracked vehicle, foreign, that was rolling down the road one day.