Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Afghanistan Update...

Since the beginning of September I've been in Bagram, Afghanistan at Bagram Air Field (BAF). This last weekend I finally moved out of the tents we were sleeping in and into what we call "B-Huts" or "Hooches". Translation= a large shack. It is much better to have a space to my own verses an open bay style tent with cots. I actually have a boarded up space that I can lock and secure my things in! The b-huts have rooms separated within it. There are about 8 in my hooch. It feels kinda like dorm life all over again, except it's like a spec house under construction with a twist of a threat from bad terrorists that we are here to fight off! I will post some pictures of the our hooch sometime in another post.

Thankfully we have a sweet satellite right outside our hooch for our internet. I was able to hook a RJ-45 line into a spot on the router and run a line to my area. There are wireless interent options available here, but nothing compares in speed to the satellite connection that we got.

I have a bunch of photos of Bagram that I posted on my Facebook profile. I thought it would be quicker, but uploading to my Picasa Web Album was much quicker (see that link below). Facebook has been giving me trouble trying to upload these photos. I thought I didn't have enough time to post the photos here and write about them, but with how long it has been taking to load them on Facebook I guess I could have! There are a bunch of photos, and I will continue to take more.

Take a look at my Facebook profile here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10734466&ref=profile

Or look at them on my Picasa Web Album:

BAF is a "coalition base" or "joint forces" base, which means we are surrounded by other countries military forces. I've seen French, Polish, Czech, Australian, Spanish, British, and Canadian I think so far. There are others. I hope to get some photos of their uniforms sometime. There are local civilian people working here called LNs or local nationals. Plus, you have people from other countries working here too, from Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, etc. called TCNs or third country nationals. You may see some of those in my photos.

It is interesting to feel like I am a part of history in some way. I continue to write about things that happen here and my thoughts in my journal. Maybe this will be informative to some in the future. At least it will be interesting to reflect upon for me and my family in years to come.

I will leave you with a photo that I thought was particularly good of a sunset here one night. The horizon line in the background that looks like a cloud line is not that, it is the top of a nearby mountain range.

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