Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Rain and Sunday Clouds

Last Saturday, a week ago yesterday now, it rained pretty hard.  Below are a couple pictures from right outside the Bagram office.

This was a pretty cool shot at the end of the day last Sunday.  The sun was setting and the beams shot out over the clouds that were blocking the sun.  It was pretty.

I also got this cool shot of the knarly thunder clouds rolling in.  These clouds provided a nice lightning display as it got dark.

This is a shot of the moon Sunday night.  On my way to get some dinner I took this shot.  It was really cool because the thunder clouds were blocking part of the moon out, so it seemed like the moon was rising from the clouds.  The picture wasn't the best to show how cool it looked, but it did turn out better than I thought it would.  It is hard to get good night shots.

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