Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Update

Since Thanksgiving I've took a few good pictures to share.  I've got some pictures of scenery from around here, some of decorations for Christmas, pictures of me with some friends, our unit picture, and some shots from an event the British sponsored that went on yesterday night December 12th.

It is interesting being here through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  I would have never thought that I would be away from my family during the holidays, let alone being in a war zone.  A lot of people have gotten into the spirit and really decorated their office or building.  I think we are all trying to make the best of our situation here.  We've also got a good number of packages from different organizations wanting to support us from home.  This is really nice.  A couple people in our unit have friends and businesses back home that have sent care packages for each of us in the unit.  I am very grateful for those that do what they can to support us over here, and our families back home.

The first picture below is of Tom (on left), Chen (on right), and me.  Air Force, Navy, and Army all represented here.  We all play on the worship team for the contemporary chapel here on KAF.  We also play for the monthly worship concert and prayer event that started a couple months ago called 'Ignite' (based on Acts 2).  Tom is from Alaska and Chen is from Texas, originally NY.  Tom has been leading the worship team here also.  We hang out together usually every Monday night at the British cafe' over coffee.  This picture is from Monday this last week and we had cigars, coffee, and jammed together outside.

Chen (chief) jamming on the guitar.

Clouds over the boardwalk

View from South Park, Harvest Falcon DFAC area

This is what the rain left over, standing water and mud...

Nice sunset

Christmas decorations in the MWR

Letters to the troops from supporters, posted up in the MWR

My work area and desk in our small 'closet' office.

Our office decorated

Friday I got a box in the mail from the Thompson Cigar Company.  I opened it to find it FULL of cigars, and many that look to be nice at that!  This was a cool surprise to get donated a giant supply of decent cigars.  Thanks Thompson Cigar!

This is a picture of most all of the 804th on December 11th out at ECP4

Our humvee, 'Jingle'.  I guess we could say it's "Jingle all the way" during this season! (see the bottom right windshield)

Me and Chen with the guitars we got from Guitar Gallery. Thanks again Guitar Gallery!

These are a few photos from the event the British sponsored last night.  Charlie Boorman and Ross Noble.  Charlie Boorman travels on these bikes with Ewan McGregor.  Unfortunately, Ewan wasn't there.

These gals opened up the event dancing in their leather outfits with metal plates around their waists doing these grinder displays with sparks to the music playing over the system. Crazy English.

Ross Noble on left & Charlie Boorman in the middle.

You can see all of these photos and more in my Picasa Web Album located here

Until later, cheers and Merry Christmas!

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