Sunday, March 21, 2010

A post for Spring

Back home it is now officially the first day of Spring!  Over here, however, it feels more like summer.  It's been averaging in the 80s getting into the 90s the past week or two.

Here are a few different photos from over these past weeks:

This first one is of me having pizza at the new pizza/Italian restaurant that opened up here.  The pizza really wasn't that good.  It was a bit weird.  $13 for that small pizza!  I figured I would try the place to see what it was like once.  That will probably be the last time.  

Here's an interesting photo.  I was walking to dinner one day and noticed some police lights flashing not too far down the road from my room.  The commotion was about this used up ordinance.  Someone threw this away, which caused EOD to be called.  Fins like a bomb sticking out of a dumpster usually will alarm someone.  You can see someone wrote on it, "Hey Dumbass Butts Only No Trash!"  I guess this was being used as a butt can before it became garbage...

Here are a couple pictures of a moth I found.  I was getting ready to go to bed a few days ago when I saw this large bug fly from beam to beam on the ceiling in our room.  I was curious what the heck it was, and also wanted to make sure it wasn't in our room while I slept.  It turned out to be this big moth.  Using a broom to brush it off of the ceiling beam it hung out there long enough for me to take some pictures and let it outside.

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