Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bazaar, Pond

Yesterday I went to the bazaar that goes on every Saturday.  It's a really big bazaar with a lot of vendors.  It's like a huge street fair except there is no food and you are with a bunch of local nationals in Afghanistan.  I went a different way to the bazaar than I would usually go.  I think they refer to this as the back entrance.

In the picture: bazaar straight ahead, pond to right.

On the way I took a picture of this pond which had a bunch of weird objects sticking out of it.  I don't think this is poo pond #2, but I wouldn't want to touch that water.  Those must be some pretty hardy plants.  Probably mutated too.

It has been hot out during the day.  In the 90s.  At night it is in the 70s down to the 60s.  Sometimes I wish there was a pool here to go swimming in.  That would be nice on hot days.  It was a thought to take a dunk in this pond, but that thought was only for a very brief instant.  Who knows what kind of radioactive-bio-hazard-mutant water is in that pond.  I will stick with good AC and a cool shower...

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