Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapel Band

I kept forgetting to email myself (from my Army work computer) a couple photos of the chapel band from Good Friday and Easter that Chen had took and emailed me.  Here are those photos, finally...  The first one is of us after doing the Good Friday service.  The second one is of us after the Easter service.  The Easter service was Chen's last Sunday leading the band before he left.  After that Sunday, I took over leading the band, or 'took the reigns' as they say...

Steven, our drummer, his last week was this last week.  Bittersweet to see him go.  He got here after me and is leaving before me... I kept giving him a hard time about that!  It's good he is heading back home.  He left to head back to Washington yesterday, and I believe they got out without a problem.  He worked for the IMPs - International Military Police.  He is an MP in the Air Force.  They planned a going home BBQ and party this last Wednesday night and asked the contemporary chapel band to play a live show!  We have been usually hanging out at the British Cafe' and jamming over some of our favorite old songs, classics and such.  We just transferred that over with a little more practice and put it live with a full band!  Thanks to some of the MWR gear and sound system.  This is a picture of us just before we hit the stage and played through a bunch of songs.  The party was on top of the roof of the MP building, and it was windy!  It was totally fun too.  I hope to get some more photos of this to put on here sometime as there were some people in the crowd taking pictures.  If I do, you will see an update to this probably!  Interesting note as well, Steven does play drums in a band back home in Tacoma.  

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